Suzuki Piano lessons

A method of teaching children through music immersion. The same way a child learns
their "mother tongue".

Invest in your child's potential,
become a Suzuki Parent. 

Intuititive learning

Creating the right environment and allowing children to learn through their senses.

Develop Problem - solving Skills

A fun and creative way to introduce new skills and develop the ability to recognize patterns.

Nurture a love of learning

“An unlimited amount of ability can develop when parent and child are having fun together”

Shinichi Suzuki

Beginner level 

(Ages 4-8)

What should I expect?

 From the first lesson, your child will improve their ability to focus, listen, and take instructions. With your help, we will create an environment that allows them to learn through their senses and intuition. It is through senses and intuition that young children first learn about the world around them, including music.

Your child will be introduced to music ear training and pre-reading activities in a fun and natural way. Students are the most successful with parents involved in daily practice and supporting their long-term growth. 

Intermediate level 

(Ages 9+)

What should I expect?

At the intermediate level, your child will learn new songs and music theory concepts in an easy-to-understand and creative way.
Children will develop the ability to read and recognize melody and rhythm patterns. They will develop an understanding of modes and the ability to play songs in different keys. All these music skills will teach problem-solving, discipline, and trust in their own abilities.
While students will learn a large amount of repertoire, my long-term goals are to develop life skills.

With your support, your child will learn from their mistakes, boost their creativity, and discover their own potential.

Advanced level 

(Ages 16+)

What should I expect?

For students with previous music knowledge and who have been taking lessons for at least 6 years, our focus will be on improving piano skills and providing guidance where needed. Students can direct their own progress based on their individual interests and goals.

We will complement their repertoire by studying advanced-level music theory, history, and harmony.


Born into a musical family, I began studying piano in Cuba at the age of 6.  After 11 years of piano studies, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in music with a major in Orchestral Conducting and Performance from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba.

I served 3 years as resident conductor for the Holguin Symphony Orchestra and at several festivals and concerts around Cuba. In 2008 I relocated to Santiago, Chile. I worked there as a pianist and piano teacher using multiple teaching methods for almost 10 years before moving in 2017 to Austin, TX, for a Suzuki teaching position.

I am a certified teacher and member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. I have participated in Suzuki events in Chile, Argentina, Canada, and the United States. My experience as a pianist and a conductor gives me a unique ability to solve problems. In my teaching, I focus on developing music skills in a supportive, efficient, and result-proven way. Living and working as a musician in different countries has enriched my music knowledge of diverse repertoires and teaching methods.

Monthly Tuition

Tuition includes 36 individual lessons and a formal recital, scheduled annually. Tuition is calculated on a yearly basis and divided into nine equal payments (Sep-May). Tuition will be prorated for students starting at the middle of the year.


$ 140/mo.
30 Minutes
  • The  beginner level is for students  between 4 and 8 years old.
  • English & Spanish teacher.


$ 207/mo.
45 Minutes
  • The intermediate level is for students starting at 9 years  old.
  • Online lessons available.



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